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Microdrainage WinDes

The Microdrainage WinDes® suite is the industry standard sustainable drainage and flood hazard software solution for the civil engineering and environmental sectors. WinDes enables sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) to be designed, audited and tested for exceedance.The SUDS design process covers a systematic approach to sustainable drainage design. Microdrainage WinDes was conceived from the outset as a modular suite of tools designed by engineers, for engineers, and this remains the defining characteristic of the Micro Drainage approach. Always, the emphasis is on getting the job done efficiently, to the highest professional standards.


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  • Modular solution
  • Easy to use and control
  • Produce a complete drainage system
  • SUDS compliant
  • Import, analyse and enhance existing drainage solutions



Micro Drainage has invested years of development time culminating in the latest major software release of WinDes 2013. It has been developed to meet the increasing legislative demands being imposed as well as enhancing the platform to keep pace with the newest software technologies. WinDes 2013 includes a range of drainage area planning capabilities to enable existing drainage systems to be imported, analysed and enhanced with SUDs solutions.

The suite is compatible with 64-bit computing to facilitate greater dataset handling, faster run times and improved module integration. The software can also utilise the benefit of multi-core processors. Single Interface WinDes 2013 produces a single file format. This full integration with a singular interface enables the software to morph around your site or project. Modules can be added or removed and run simultaneously so that changes made in one module will automatically be applied to all active modules. It is possible to set the software to automatically reanalyse any changes as the engineer progresses through the sustainable drainage design process.

Compliance and Control
At the core of WinDes 2013 are two key principles. The software is focused on compliance, helping you to meet and exceed the evolving weave of regulatory requirements. It is also designed for ease of use and complete control at every step with options that can be switched on or off, according to your preferred way of working. The functions within the software also have a very short learning curve.

A Modular Solution
As a modular suite, WinDes® enables you to select the elements most suited to your immediate requirements, with the flexibility to introduce additional modules as they are needed. At the same time, the full integration of the modules means that you can produce a complete drainage system, incorporating pipes, open channels, attenuation and SUDS, in one model.




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