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SCIA Engineer : What's New in 2013


Scia Engineer 2013

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CADS introduces Scia Engineer 2013. The latest version of Scia Engineer continues the commitment to integrate cutting-edge technologies into this powerful but versatile 3D structural design software. With support for BS and Eurocodes, multi-material projects, links to Revit and Open BIM collaboration, Scia Engineer is the key solution for consultants looking for a single modelling, analysis and design solution.

FREE September Seminars!

Learn more at our free seminars this Autumn. Half day seminars will be held at a number of locations. We will be covering a wide range of Scia Engineer features and topics;

  • Bi-directional Revit integration
  • Open BIM utilises IFC for truly open workflows
  • Multi-material design to BS and Eurocode
  • NEW Engineering Report
  • NEW Design Forms
  • Customer projects
  • and more....!

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View the latest features in Scia Engineer 2013 below:

Scia Design Forms 2 Open Design Checks 1 Engineering Report Storeys Seismic Construction Stages Cross Section 2 Scia Metal Builder


Engineering Report

Scia Engineer 2013 Engineering Report           

Scia Engineer 2013 offers an innovative Engineering Report, which allows engineers to easily layout professional reports according to their company standards. Features include:

  • Full multi-processing support for higher speed and better utilisation of available memory.               
  • The ability to copy and paste from any Windows application into the Engineering Report.         
  • Easy publishing and sharing of Engineering Reports as 3D PDFs, MS Office documents or web formats.             
  • Clean and modern ribbon-based UI.             
  • All documents related to a project (project data, calculated results, model images, external images and reports, etc.) are centralized into a single file for easy management.         

Open Design Checks and Scia Design Forms             

Scia Engineer also introduces the Open Design Check technology. A new standalone application named Scia Design Forms enables engineers to easily write their own calculations.  Checks created with Scia Design Forms can be run as standalone, or linked to Scia Engineer. Linked to Scia Engineer, the results obtained in the Design Forms are displayed in the code checking environment, allowing engineers to use the full visualisation capabilities of Scia Engineer.           

Additions to Seismic Analysis for Buildings           


Scia Engineer 2013 integrates a new Improved Reduced System (IRS) method to its solver, which calculates results up to 10 times faster than before. Output of seismic results has been extended and simplified. For example, in Scia Engineer 2013, all relevant results for seismicity can be easily displayed - from resultant shear forces in walls, to global results for each storey.             

Other Important Enhancements             

  • Extended bridge combinations + checks according to the Eurocode               
  • Brazilian NBR concrete code for beams & columns             
  • Timber check according to EN-1995 for tapered and curved members                   
  • Storey results for static and dynamic analysis           
  • Enhanced calculation of torsional and shear cross-section characteristics               
  • Wizard for reinforcement schemes                 
  • Improvements in IFC support, in addition to its IFC 2x3 certification renewal 
  • Cloud storage directly from within Scia Engineer               
  • A new version of ECtools with better integration within Scia Engineer


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