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SCIA Engineer : What's New in 2012


Scia Engineer 2012

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View the latest features in Scia Engineer 2012 below:

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multimaterial sm

Multi-material design with new EN1995 Timber integration

Scia Engineer represents the comprehensive solution for analysis and design of multi-material structures on an international scale.

Scia Engineer represents a long-time effective solution for concrete, steel, and aluminium structures. Among other new functionality, the fully integrated timber design and the additional library of masonry materials, accompanied with ECtools, make Scia Engineer the comprehensive solution for structures made of any common construction material.

New features and improvements in version 2012 spread across all materials: concrete, steel, aluminium, timber, masonry, foundations and subsoil. The new version also presents new capabilities for the EN, US design codes and Brazilian code environment.

open bim logo small

Interoperability with focus on Open BIM

The Open BIM approach integrated in Scia Engineer enables all partners to share smoothly and safely the project data across various platforms.

Collaboration between you and your partners participating in the design process is straightforward, thanks to the full commitment of the Nemetschek Group in Open BIM. Especially through enhanced implementation of the IFC 2x3 exchange format in Scia Engineer 2012, better cooperation between the various partners is the precise goal. Also read the "Open BIM in Action" section on our corporate website to see practical examples of data-exchange between different software solutions.

Other enhancements in our BIM Engineering Toolbox also facilitate sharing of data. Besides this, a cloud storage service Scia Desk gives you access to a ultra-safe backup system and smooth sharing of project data. A Scia partnership with Solibri facilitates BIM managers to check the models within any cooperation process.

userimprovements sm

Advanced analysis with integrated design

Scia Engineer integrates modelling, finite element analysis and multi-material design in one application.

The extensive calculation capabilities of Scia Engineer cover a majority of common as well as unusual design situations. This means more advanced analysis types such as dynamics, second order calculation or time dependent analysis.

Scia Engineer 2012 is offering new functionality in specialised and unique approaches like detailed design of e.g. separate roof panels previously analysed in the context of the whole structure, sequential analysis combining two different types of calculation or overall optimisation of dimensions, shape, load-positions, etc. reflecting the outcomes of latest mathematical research in the field.

advancedamalysis sm

Maintenance, user experience & improvements

Every new version of Scia Engineer brings a range of new features and improvements for day-to-day work with the program.

We continuously implement various improvements within the full scope of the application that simplify the everyday work of Scia Engineer users and make it more comfortable day by day.

Features like coordinate tracking, window transparency, antialiasing in the graphical window, innovated tooltips, extended commands, enhanced table input etc. definitely please every user in his or her daily practise.


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