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SCIA Engineer : Key Features


Key Features

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SCIA Engineer delivers a wide range of benefits to your projects and business:


Use your Design Competence and Engineering Know-How Worldwide

Wherever you work, wherever your clients come from, with SCIA Engineer you always deliver a project complying with appropriate technical standards.

SCIA Engineer integrates numerous international standards including IBC and Eurocodes with a large set of well-elaborated National Annexes, including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and UK  as well as a number of previous national European codes like DIN, NEN, ÖNORM, BS, SIA, BAEL, CSN, STN etc.

Scia Steel Hall

Integrate your Design Workflow and Reduce your Investments

SCIA Engineer is unique in its integration of modelling, multi-material analysis, design and checking, documentation, and automated drawings in one application.

You need to invest and learn just one application and you get an instant access to functionality for all phases of the structural design: modelling in 3D, automatic FEM mesh generation, fast advanced calculations, dedicated design and checks, automated drawings, clear and comprehensive printouts, notwithstanding the interfaces for potential communication with other applications.

Scia Engineer

Streamline the Cooperation within the Design Team through Open BIM

Architect, client, structural engineer, draftsmen, contractor ­ with SCIA Engineer they all share the project data error-free and effectively thanks to Structural BIM.

SCIA Engineer supports a vast range of open interfaces like IFC, SDNF, DStV, MS Excel, XML, VRML, DWG, DXF as well as dedicated links with established CAD and FEM-analysis applications. SCIA Engineer is an analysis & design solution by Nemetschek Scia, a member of the buildingSMART Alliance. It is the only structural analysis software that is certified for supporting Open BIM.

This enables you to easily leverage models created by others into analysis, and pass back optimized structural models to designers, fabricators, and contractors.


Look for New Engineering Challenges in your Field

SCIA Engineer is a versatile system. This enables you to prove your professional expertise with any type of structure: office buildings, apartments, industrial plants, high-rise buildings, bridges, technological units, tanks, dam lockers, pipeline systems, tunnels, masts, theatre stages, etc.

SCIA Engineer allows you to integrate steel frames, concrete slabs, cold-formed steel framing, aluminium profiles, timber structures and more in one model and one design environment.

SCIA Engineer is efficient for your day-to-day work and, at the same time, it makes advanced non-linear analysis and multi-material design not only feasible, but also cost effective. It supports all types of calculation: linear and nonlinear static calculation, plasticity, stability, dynamics including seismicity, construction stages, time dependent analysis and more.

Flat slab design software

Flat Slab Design Software

SCIA Engineer can be used to analyse and design concrete flat slabs and raft foundations using either an individual 2D or full 3D model of the building. Codes that can be utilised include the British and European standards.

Geometry is not a limitation; the slabs can be of any shape with curved or parabolic edges. Holes of any shape and number can also be incorporated as can concrete ribs/beams acting as upstands or downstands. Loading can be uniform or trapezoidal, patch load or line load. Slabs can be analysed and designed as either of constant thickness or of varying/tapered thickness. Results provided at this initial stage of the process include the deflections and required reinforcement both on the top and bottom surface, reactions and column loads.

Users can then input their own reinforcement graphically to satisfy the required areas given previously and run a cracked section analysis whereupon the long term deflections and creep are calculated. At this stage the program will show the propagation of cracks in the slab and their size and allow the engineer to calculate the additional reinforcement to prevent their occurrence over a user limit. Once completed the slabs can be sent automatically to CADS RC for detailing and scheduling.

cold formed 3

Design and analysis of cold formed steel frames

SCIA Engineer has specialised in the analysis and design of cold formed steel frames including EN1993-1-3:2006 cold formed steel design checks as well as having the capability to design projects using hot rolled steel, timber and concrete. With SCIA Engineer you can design an entire portal building including purlins, door frames and a raft foundation in a single 3D model.


Make your Design Environmental and Economical

With SCIA Engineer you can easily increase your competitiveness caused by growing demands for cost reduction, material savings and environmental protection.

SCIA Engineer offers three levels of optimisation, from local to global optimisation routines, which allows you to achieve considerable material savings which in return protects the environment. Notwithstanding the fact, that it also saves investor’s money which persuades him to contact you again with the next project.


Automate your Routine and Repetitive Work

In SCIA Engineer you can design user-defined templates that help you cope effectively with repetitive tasks.

The tedious work related to the precise definition of the model and load combinations must be done just once. Variations of the base template are created through a simple and fast input of defined parameters.

This saves your time when you repetitively design the same type of structure. Moreover, you become more flexible in the preparation of initial design concepts, and it increases the efficiency of your communication with other members of the design team during all phases of the project.


Impress your Clients with Professional Documentation

SCIA Engineer is not just a pure “calculation” engine. On the contrary, it accompanies you from the draft design till the production of final documentation including automated general arrangement drawings.

Once all the analyses and code checks have been performed, SCIA Engineer offers you intuitive tools for creation of a well arranged, clear and comprehensive document and for generation of general arrangement drawings. Both the document and the drawings are linked to the original 3D model, which means that after any modification to the model, the outputs are automatically updated to reflect the current situation.


Rely on our support and help with your projects when needed

With SCIA Engineer you do not get just a “black-box” software, but you can rely on technical and professional support.

In case your projects get you to a situation that you need a kind of assistance, our technically erudite team with a professional know-how is prepared to help you. We provide the standard “hot-line” support, as well as technical consultations and tailor-made trainings that fully reflect your needs.




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