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Reinforced Concrete Design Software

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RebarCAD reinforced concrete design software delivers real integration via AutoCAD - the industry leading platform. RebarCAD also links to CADS powerful analysis and modelling tools - A3D MAX and SCIA Engineer BIM software; the latter enabling slabs to be easily designed and detailed. In addition, the results from CADS design programs for concrete beams, columns, bases, slabs etc, can also be imported into RebarCAD, for instant detailing and scheduling to configurable preset styles. Such details can later be amended easily, as required.








A3D MAX provides a powerful and flexible Analysis package for 2D or 3D, Elastic/Plastic/P-Delta Analysis and can solve any size job with no limit on the number of members or load combinations. Rapid 2D & 3D building modelling - a comprehensive selection of building frame generators and input/editing tools means that members, floors, wall and foundation objects can be created simply and quickly in just a few minutes. Fast Changes & revisions - structural elements can be mirrored, copied and pasted easily to speed up modelling and exploit symmetry and repetition. All associated model data i.e. geometry, loading, analysis, design, material quantities, etc. are updated automatically.

Panel Objects - provides powerful Panel Objects to assist with modelling floors, vertical walls and inclined surfaces such as a roof. Panel objects can have 2-way or 1-way spanning, solid or ribbed properties. Links to CADS powerful design modules to produce practical bar arrangements in beams, columns, slabs, bases & pilecaps. Completed designs can be detailed & scheduled in seconds via a link to RebarCAD detailing software or in basic AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT via DXF.




Slab Layer View

SCIA Engineer BIM software provides an unrivalled breadth and depth of design functionality for Reinforced Concrete buildings of all shapes and sizes including inclined slabs (ramps), curved walls, beams, columns, footings and pilecaps.  Both pre-tensioned and post-tensioned pre-stressed concrete can also be designed. Such RC structures do not have to be confined to a simple grid-friendly rectangular box but can have steps, openings, and other geometric irregularities and complicated loadings all of which can be modelled accurately with SCIA Engineer finite element analysis software.

Structural geometry can be generated by using a 'wizard' to generate regular RC elements or by importing DWG or DXF files from AutoCAD drawings.  Theoretical reinforcement requirements are produced to satisfy the code, with the user interacting to define the practical reinforcement details.

Working in this way generally leads to great economies in the total amount of reinforcement used, whilst batch processing ensures significant time economies are also realised.  The model can then be re-analysed to consider the long-term effects using the practical reinforcement.

CADS Design and Detailing Software Integration
Detailed reinforcement designs can be achieved by linking the model to the appropriate finite element design software.  Each one links to a corresponding RebarCAD detailing macro that produces a detailed reinforcement drawing and bar bending schedules.  SCIA Engineer also features an integrated, automated detailing link to RebarCAD.  This key feature can reduce the pressure on time and resources, especially when changes occur.



 RC Beam

RC Column

RC Beam Designer is a software application for computer aided design of continuous reinforced concrete beams. Designers are offered a comprehensive selection of complete reinforcement solutions, which the software creates automatically in accordance with the chosen design standard. Users may also define their own bar arrangements or select the same from the user-library used to store preferred design solutions. Hence, the software can be used to automatically create a new design or for checking an existing one.

RC Column Designer is a software application for the analysis and design of reinforced concrete columns. RC Column Designer allows users to design or check a new job, read an existing column, or import a new column via 'drag-n-drop' from CADS Analyse3D and other frame analysis applications. Once completed, the design data, results and diagrams are printed on headed calculation sheet style pages and can be detailed and scheduled automatically in AutoCAD by the RebarCAD Column Detailer macro. Customers wishing to compile reports from various CADS design programs can now export a special formatted text file. This text file contains all the formatting information/controls necessary to enable the CADS 'Word-Macro' to create a new Microsoft Word document.


 RC Pilecap

RC Pad Base

CADS RC Pilecap Designer can be used stand-alone or as part of the integrated analysis, design and detailing solution. It automatically produces a selection of suitable designs for pilecaps with 2-9 piles supporting circular or rectangular columns. The pilecap design is optimised using the percentage utilisation factor displayed for each pilecap type. A detailed reinforcement solution is calculated, and completed designs can be printed onto a single A4 sheet or exported to Microsoft Word and detailed automatically in AutoCAD using the RebarCAD Pilecap Detailer Macro. Customers wishing to compile reports from various CADS design programs can now export a special formatted text file. This text file contains all the formatting information/controls necessary to enable the new CADS 'Word-Macro' to create a new Microsoft Word document.

CADS RC Pad Base Designer makesd esigning or checking lots of bases, especially with bi-axial moments and several load combinations, an efficient and fast process. CADS RC Padbase Designer executes this task rapidly and reliably and sets you free to be a true designer applying time and skill to higher level activities.


 RC Slab





Slab Layer View

CADS RC Slab Designer provides fast, automatic slab design for all typical bar arrangements, mesh and slab configurations. The software is based on the traditional 'strip' or 'equivalent frame' method where floor slabs are considered as being divided into frames consisting of a row of columns or line supports and slab strips.

Designers can select their preferred bar arrangement and quickly produce an accurate estimate for the weight of reinforcement or mesh. The chosen solution can be optimised quickly for minimum cost or rationalised bar spacing. The printing options include summary and detailed calculations, a detailed drawing and a fixing schedule.

SCIA Engineer links with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT as well as integrating with RebarCAD. Model in 2D or 3D with excellent mesh refinement, and internal dynamic drawing production. As well as Theoretical Areas of required reinforcement produced, you can also also input actual reinforcement as loose bar or mesh. The Practical Reinforcement can then be used to control deflection in sub-regions of RC slabs, walls etc., where increasing the thickness of the overall structure is not an efficient solution.

The 2D or 3D model can then be processed using a powerful non-linear analysis to report long term and creep deflections, as well as any potential cracking. Optional modules for non-linear analysis (which covers hinges, plasticity, cables and tension/compression only members), modules for dynamic analysis, including Eigen Mode and Seismic.


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