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RebarCAD: Rebar Detailing Overview

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CADS has established an enviable reputation for providing expertise as well as expert rebar detailing software for reinforced concrete detailers. Running in AutoCAD, RebarCAD has been the market leading reinforced concrete detailing software in the UK and around the world for more than 20 years. RebarCAD's success is due to its advanced detailing features and technical excellence, which include integration with design and fabrication software. RebarCAD can detail anything and has been successfully used on all sorts of building,
transportation, water, process and power projects including precast concrete elements.


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RebarCAD builds on AutoCAD, the industry standard CAD platform. It fully exploits the stable 2D drawing environment of AutoCAD, tailoring a solution for rebar detailing and bar bending scheduling that meets the stringent requirements of the industry. As an integrated AutoCAD application, RebarCAD adds  functionality and toolbars to your AutoCAD system and is supported by quality user manuals and training.

If you are a CAD Manager you will find it easy to recruit trained and experienced technicians for such an industry standard solution, whilst the level of support, advice and expertise available through our help desk will impress all users.


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RebarCAD is a global player in the truest sense of the word. Since the orignal software was launched as CADS RC in the UK over 20 years ago, further versions for North America, India and South Africa have been released. High quality output, stability, integration and flexibility have seen the adoption of RebarCAD across diverse worldwide markets. RebarCAD is often the default choice for many international and prestige projects, such as the Burj in Dubai (pictured), the software having earned its’ reliability and consistency credentials.


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RebarCAD maintains a reinforcement database that always reflects exactly what is on the drawing. In addition, all new bars and changes are instantly added to the bar bending schedule which means that checking is reduced and errors virtually eliminated.

Additional audit commands detect incomplete or unlabelled bars and ensure compliance with the configured detailing standard. RebarCAD drawings require less manual checking, thus scheduling errors are virtually a thing of the past!


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Rebar detailing can be a slow manual process, with no certainty as to the accuracy or consistency of the eventual drawing output. Scrap and wastage due to inaccurate reinforcement drawings, mistakes in Bar Bending Schedules (BBS) and unutilised off-cuts costs the construction industry nearly 10% of its steel consumption each year!

Reinforcement detailing and Bar listing has never been easier. RebarCAD helps you accomplish this 30% faster and more accurately than manual methods by creating drawings whilst automating the preparation of BBS.
Our RebarCAD software really is your solution to prevent your projects bleeding profits. Whether you are a Consultant Engineer, Detailing provider, Main Contractor or Rebar Fabricator, then your solution could be RebarCAD. When you use RebarCAD you do so alongside thousands of other Indian and global users .


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RebarCAD brings efficiencies and cost savings to consultants, contractors and fabricators alike.

To help our potential customers evaluate the potential benefits to their organisations we can provide a Savings Evaluation.

We can undertake this in a face to face meeting at your offices. This includes a RebarCAD Demo and a detailed session to suit your specific requirements.

Booking is easy. Use the contact form, email or telephone us to arrange a meeting with one of our expert consultants.


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