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RebarCAD EXPRESS is an innovative multi-user enterprise solution for concrete reinforcement calculation and management for construction projects.

RebarCAD Express is an excellent enhancement for RebarCAD customers looking for even more project management functionality. RebarCAD EXPRESS can be used independently to create manual bar bending schedules or in conjunction with RebarCAD to deliver professional accurate drawings. Reinforcement bars can be quickly and accurately calculated from structural drawings and added to a database. The reinforcement data can be used for various project management purposes such as estimation, procurement, reporting, optimisation, fabrication and material reconciliation.

Sub Level 2

RebarCAD EXPRESS contains a Project Browser where you can subdivide your project into logical sections. You may prefer to subdivide the project based on construction sequence or as per contract provisions. The sub levels in the project browsers can be considered as a building, floor level etc.


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RebarCAD Tools

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The reinforcement data can be entered manually or by using EXPRESS Tools. A range of EXPRESS Tools is provided for regular structural elements such as beams, columns, footings etc. EXPRESS Tools are intelligent and store the input data should you wish to edit the same on a later date.

EXPRESS Tools can also be copied to different sub levels which can expedite the reinforcement calculation process - for example first floor beam can be copied to second floor and edited to suit the second floor requirements.

The tools are highly customisable and can be used to customise on a project by project basis, depending on the nature of the job as well as the bar arrangements recommended by the structural engineer.

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Drawing Quick Add Bar Floating Dialog

You may also directly import RebarCAD drawings, for example you may choose to detail slabs or wall in RebarCAD and then import the drawing into RebarCAD EXPRESS. A RebarCAD drawing can be included for any concrete pour or BBS.

RebarCAD drawings can be imported into RebarCAD EXPRESS and added to any BBS. The reinforcement bar information available in the drawing is imported to the RebarCAD EXPRESS database. This tool is particularly useful when you would like to use both RebarCAD and RebarCAD EXPRESS  to add bars to the BBS.

RebarCAD EXPRESS is very efficient for adding reinforcement bar for regular and simple elements such as Footings, Pile caps, Beams etc, whereas RebarCAD is very efficient and accurate for complicated elements such as slabs and walls with irregular profiles, openings etc. Therefore, if you have a scheduled floor casting, you can use RebarCAD TOOLS to calculate reinforcement bars for beams and RebarCAD to create bars for the floor slab.

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Fab Yard 2


RebarCAD EXPRESS provides feature to optimise reinforcement bars as per stock lengths available at site. You may run several permutation & combinations to arrive at the most optimum production schedule.

For example you may choose to fabricate beam bars first and then the slab as the left over bars from beams can be easily used for slabs. This process will reduce reinforcement scrap.

The Stock Bar Optimiser in RebarCAD EXPRESS helps you to:

  • Find out the best pattern to cut bars available in the BBS for minimum wastage.
  • „Utilise offcut bars effectively.
  • „Generate a user-friendly graphical output for the cut pattern in an Excel format.
  • „Print and pass on cut pattern to your cut and bend shop for fabrication.

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 BBS Report

There are various reporting tools which can be used for various purposes in addition to BBS creation ­ such as rebar procurement, sub-contractor billing, client billing, material reconciliation etc.

Various types of report can be generated from RebarCAD EXPRESS. The reports can be generated in PDF, XLS, RTF, HTML, MHT & CSV formats or can be directly be sent to a printer. The reporting option in RebarCAD EXPRESS is highly customisable to your project requirements.


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