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Developers appreciate the speedy, accurate and error free bar bending drawings and schedules produced for their construction projects. Accurate drawings and bar bending schedules reduce costly rebar wastage and help keep projects on schedule. RebarCAD is the developer's choice for maximising their investments.


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We estimate that over 80 million man-hours of rebar detailing are carried out on the RebarCAD technology each year around the world. To put that in context, India’s total rebar consumption would be roughly half of that figure. 

These figures reduce the profitability of projects, therefore developers looking to minimise scrap and wastage, due to inaccurate reinforcement drawings, mistakes in Bar Bending Schedules (BBS) and unutilised OffCuts appreciate the quality of RebarCAD drawings and BBS. When this is coupled with intelligent bar optimisation and take-off facilities the cost savings speak for themselves!


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Why is RebarCAD great for your Consultants and Contractors?

Drawing bars can be achieved in just a few steps with code compliance checked as the bar is drawn. RebarCAD comes complete with pre-defined shape codes, which based upon feedback from major consulting engineers and contractors, cover the majority of requirements. New shapes can be added permanently to the library for future use. It also includes a number of shapes to meet the extra requirements for seismic detailing to IS 13920:1993 Edition 1.2 (2002-03). A variety of powerful RebarCAD Detailing Macros are available for stair flights, pile caps, pad footings and octagonal bases.

An impressive aspect of RebarCAD is the automatic always current bar scheduling. As each set of bars is detailed, RebarCAD adds them to the internal schedule database automatically. Whatever the status of the drawing, you can be sure that your bar bending schedule is up-to-date, correct and available to be viewed on-screen at any time. Multiple drawings and schedules can be created from a single, self-contained DWG file and customised for corporate presentation.

RebarCAD enables users to handle revisions with speed and confidence. RebarCAD provides detailers with a unique facility to edit details quickly and easily, thus optimising the re-use of existing information. All changes to the drawing are immediately reflected in the always current bar bending schedule and all bar labels, sections etc, are also updated automatically.  

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RebarCAD helps developers achieve significant material savings on their projects. Accurate Rebar quantities help avoid scrap. This is achieved through the use of automated audit tools, helping to minimise errors.

Rebar Fabricators can take advantage of Optimal Cut suggestions to plan the cut & bending of steel and fully utilise (12 meters) stock length. Bend deduction calculations can help save 2% of steel before the beginning of fabrication



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Developers can benefit from suppliers who are able to prepare rebar quantities several times quicker than manual methods. By exploiting automatic functionality in RebarCAD errors are eliminated and consistency is maintained.

Time spent checking and double checking drawings and schedules is reduced significantly, whilst edits and revisions are handled quickly and efficiently without large increases to costs. The automatic revision of BBS helps save 40 to 50% of the time consumed in preparing manual schedules.

Ultimately savings in time can help increase productivity and enable more projects to be handled by one preferred contractor. 


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Rebar fabrication management is made easier with RebarCAD. The ability to reduce scrap and illustrate steel consumption provides developers with excellent material data.

This plethora or data in turn means you can combine projects, to realise even bigger material savings through maintaining control of overall rebar usage and minimising rebar waste.

Contractors have better control over the processing of reinforcement and consultants have more input into material quantities. This all adds up to better accountability regardless of who you source your drawings and BBS from.


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"The bar bending schedules we receive from consultants and detailers using RebarCAD fully conform to our production requirements. We trust their quality and rely on the consistency of their users in delivering them on time and to the correct specifications”.

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