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CADS RC Slab Designer

CADS RC Slab Designer provides fast, automatic RC design to BS 8110 and Eurocode 2 (EC2) for all typical bar arrangements, mesh and slab configurations. The software is based on the traditional ‘strip’ or ‘equivalent frame’ method where floor slabs are considered as being divided into frames consisting of a row of columns or line
supports and slab strips. Designers can select their preferred bar arrangement and quickly produce an accurate estimate for the weight of reinforcement or mesh. The chosen solution can be optimised quickly for minimum
cost or rationalised bar spacing. The printing options include summary and detailed calculations, a detailed drawing and a fixing schedule.


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  • BS 8110 and Eurocode 2 (EC2)
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Preferred bar arrangements
  • Design optimised for minimum cost
  • Mesh or bar reinforcement
  • Punching shear design
  • Printed calculations & drawings


Modelling the Slab
Slab geometry and supports such as beams, walls, and rectangular, elliptical or circular columns with or without flared heads are quickly defined via an easy to use input dialog.

Loads and Load Combinations
CADS RC Slab Designer can accept Area, Uniform, Distributed, Point, Line, Triangular and Trapezoidal load types. Sway moments derived from a full frame analysis can be entered with the resulting shear forces automatically considered in the design. The software performs BS 8110 load patterning and also provides optional automatic ‘worst case’ combinations. The user can choose whether
load types such as partitions, services, ceilings, etc are considered as ‘pattern’ or ‘constant’ dead loads via a simple tick box selection.

Moment Redistribution
If it is advantageous to do so users may optimise the moments envelope by redistribution.

Preferred Bar Arrangements
Users can specify their preferred bar assembly from a choice of 6 bottom and 7 top bar arrangements.

Preferred Bar Spacing Design
Users can automatically produce designs rationalised according to their preferred bar spacing or multiples thereof throughout the slab.

Minimum Cost Design
CADS RC Slab Designer uses current rebar supply and fixing rates to automatically optimize bar sizes and spacing for the most economical design.

Mesh Reinforcement Design
CADS RC Slab Designer allows the user to choose between ‘mesh fabric’ reinforcement and ‘loose bars’ and quickly compare the results.

Punching Shear Design
The software checks for punching shear around columns at a perimeter 1.5d from the column/ column head and at 0.75d intervals until a
perimeter is reached which does not require shear reinforcement. The required density of shear links is reported. The software warns the
user if the column/head size or slab depth needs to be increased.

Bar Curtailments
CADS RC Slab Designer offers a choice of ‘Comprehensive’ or ‘Simplified’ curtailment rules. Users can accept the default BS8110 Simplified Curtailment’ rules or modify and save new rules to suit each job. A tolerance defines the minimum difference in bar lengths to avoid creating too many bar sets with small differences in length.

Printed Calculations & Drawings
CADS RC Slab Designer provides a selection of printed calculations, a detailed drawing
and fixing schedule, all on headed and numbered sheets. It also exports to Word.

Scia Engineer FE Slab Designer - The advanced alternative to RC Slab Designer

Take your slab design to the next level with this Finite Element product, which features an automated detailing link to CADS RC.




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