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CADS offer training and a software maintenance contract (CADScover). This ensures that you can fully exploit all that our software solution has to offer your business. Subscribers to CADScover enjoy the following benefits:


1. Software Maintenance
Hardware and software technologies keep growing by leaps & bounds. Whether it’s the move from 32 bit to 64 bit processors, the move to Windows 10 or the annual releases of AutoCAD and Revit you need to know that your software is stable and productive. CADS software development is continuous and recognised by both Autodesk and Microsoft.

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2. Expert Advice and Support
CADScover includes technical support via our support hotline, remote support, email, fax or video conferencing.

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3. Set-up and Customisation
New and existing customers benefit from assistance on the best set-up of a new CADS software solution. Our experts are ready to help customers get started with a wealth of industry experience and tested methodologies.

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4. Solution Enhancement
CADScover customers have a say in future development (through their wish list that they submit) of CADS software. We can also undertake various customisation requests from our customers. These may include everything from customising special bar shapes to developing new macros to automate certain processes.

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5. Learning
CADS provides a range of learning materials for customers, including start-up guides, training manuals and videos. These can be accessed online or via CADS support and sales contacts. We can work with you to define the best learning pathway to suit your business needs. CADScover customers can also apply for admission to our customer workshops and seminars, when they take place.

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6. Social and Community
CADScover subscribers are invited to online forums and groups managed and moderated by expert CADS staff. They can also attend User Group Meetings to meet fellow users and discuss new features. This is often a chance to meet CADS development staff face to face and discuss specific requirements and issues, as well as get the inside track on what features are coming soon.

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7. Asset Protection
Your software assets bought from CADS are highly valuable. As well as the individual license costs, the benefits you derive out of them mulitply their value to you. CADScover will help you ensure that such high value assets are properly maintained to ensure that they are always available when you need them.

Unprecedented events like hard-drive crashes, virus and malware infestations, damaged hardware or faulty dongles can severely compromise your business. CADScover is a way to protect your significant software investment and provide you with peace of mind.

CADScover is the equivalent of having a whole new department of software developers, managers, detailing experts and consulting engineers; all ready to make your software solution an ongoing success.

Just a small investment puts our large investment in expertise, resources and infrastructure at your disposal; protecting your purchase for years to come.

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