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CADScover is a unique software asset protection, maintenance and technical support programme from CADS.

Just a small annual investment from customers helps to sustain CADS large investment in expert development engineers and programmers and sustains a continuous development effort for the benefit of all RebarCAD users. Your CADScover subscription is backed-up by our team of software developers, managers, detailing experts and consulting engineers. Together they offer an array of set-up, support and assistance options, dependant on which CADScover package you have subscribed to.

Comprehensive. Timely. Essential. CADScover





Indian Codes BSI/Eurocode

New and existing customers benefit from assistance on the best set-up of a new CADS software solution. Our experts are ready to help customers get started with a wealth of industry experience and tested methodologies.

Choice of Licence Plan
CADS is pleased to provide a choice of solutions to suit your needs:

  1. Standalone (Software Lock)
  2. Dongle (Hardware Lock)
  3. Local Area Network (LAN)
  4. Wide Area Network (WAN)

Choice of National Standards:

  • British (BS/EC)
  • Indian (IS)
  • N American (ACI)
  • SABS (South Africa)

Customers with a current CADScover agreement can 'cross-grade' to an alternative national standard to suit their project needs!



Protection and Maintenance
Your software assets bought from CADS are highly valuable, but that value is multiplied many times by the benefits they deliver to your business.

CADScover will help you ensure that your software and investment is optimised by maximising efficiency with expert technical advice.

Software Updates
Software updates are included in your CADScover subscription and provide your business with new features that may greatly benefit users and add value to your processes.

An active CADScover subscription is a way of ‘Future­Proofing’ your CADS assets against the ever-changing world of computer technology, operating systems and CAD platforms such as AutoCAD. CADScover customers operate safe in the knowledge that CADS software development is continuous and recognised by both Autodesk and Microsoft.

Our teams of developers are focused on maintaining the highest levels of compatibility and stability in what is often 'mission critical' software for our customers, i.e. our software is central to productivity, profitability and success!




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Expert Advice and Support
CADSCover includes unlimited technical support via our Helpdesk Hotline, email, fax, video conferencing or through smart board technology.
Providing high quality support is our way towards maintaining customer satisfaction. With a presence in 4 continents, we can ensure round the clock support in case of emergency Email, Telephone, Remote assistance, Video conferencing and smart board technologies.

We also deploy Dedicated Account Managers to handle queries. They know your business and will champion your requirements with their colleagues. Regular business reviews will enable a plan to be developed and followed that matches your business goals. Often based in the your region they will ensure continuity of service and support, whilst providing expert advice and access to the CADS global resource pool.






New and exisitng customers benefit from assistance on the best set-up of a new CADS software solution. Our experts are ready to help customers get started with a wealth of industry experience and tested methodologies.

Choice of Customisation
There are a range of customisation and enhancement options. For example:

  • Branded ‘Bar Bending Schedule’ formats;
  • ‘Special Bar’ shapes that are not standard to IS2502, etc.
  • Automation tools (macros) for frequently drawn structures
  • Custom ‘Bar-Weight’ reports, etc.


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Solution Enhancement
CADScover customers have a say in future development (through their wish list that they submit) of CADS software.

RebarCAD and all CADS software evolve, with releases for instance, almost each quarter. CADScover customers often get first views of pre-release versions, enabling them to identify areas they feel will help their business or influence final developments before general release.

The ability to understand what is coming from our expert development team and even influence it is a cost effective alternative to an inhouse software team or buying new software whenever a new requirement arises. CADScover enables customers to evolve their own business on a stable and growing software platform. Our customers can manage internal expectations on productivity, cost and capability.

The longevity of our customer relationships is testament to our success. In global markets we have established ourselves as a de facto standard, a position that is based on a mutual trust and respect.






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New upgrades will include features that may add great value to your existing processes. It therefore becomes essential to know about these features as early as possible.

All clients who have a CADScover subscription are invited to attend User Group Meetings and Workshops to learn and discuss new features and benefits, so that productivity and profits can be maximised. This also helps professionals to sharpen their skill sets by sharing ideas, knowledge, and experience whilst advancing industry detailing practices. Our Workshops and User Group Meetings are also valuable networking and training opportunities.

User Training Services
Customers with an active CADScover subscription can also access discounted training courses:

  • Can be provided ‘on-site’ or at a CADS training facility;
  • CADS  expert trainers will assess your training needs;
  • CADS will develop a bespoke training course to maximise the benefits of your investment;
  • Discounted training only available to those customers with a current CADScover subscription!







Promote Your Business
CADS invites clients with active CADScover subscriptions to submit their detailing projects for inclusion in our news releases and websites and regular user contest. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your projects and achievements and reach thousands of interested readers around the world. What better way to share your detailing expertise with your peers and customers!

User Events
Invitations to free user group meetings, seminars and workshops which:

  • Priority preview of ‘pre-release’ versions that will inform you about latest new features as early as possible;
  • Share knowledge and experiences with other users with case studies, etc;
  • Receive advice, ‘tips & tricks’ etc. to help you get the most from your CADS software.

Corporate Customers
For our larger customers CADScover will also provide for a dedicated Account Manager to handle all aspects of such a mutually important business relationship. Our experienced team will;

  • Quickly get to know your business;
  • Will champion the cause of your users’ requirements;
  • They will also arrange at least two ‘in-house’ seminars for your users to preview upcoming new releases and to discuss your priorities for future development.



Customer CADScover Testimonials

We asked our customers what they think of CADScover. All of the companies below fully agreed with the statements shown here and have also kindly given their permission for us to share their opinions.

Manturam Realtors Pvt. Ltd.

I am happy with CADScover because;

1. I get expert advice and support from CADS Software India 
2. I get regular software updates for RebarCAD software 
3. I get the peace of mind as my software is protected 
4. I can fully exploit the benefits of customisation
5. I can get the software reinstalled in case my system needs to be formatted 
6. CADS Engineers provide onsite support for technical issues


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"CADScover enables us to continue to reduce scrap and time, whilst increasing the efficiency of workers.”.

Director - Manturam Realtors Pvt. Ltd.


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