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Since CADS was established in 1974 we have helped more than 5000 construction industry customer locations in more than 70 countries to use in excess of 50,000 copies of various CADS software products.

CADS comprises a large team of qualified and experienced Structural and Civil engineers, expert software developers and programmers dedicated to improved performance through innovation and continuous product development. CADS structural design, analysis and detailing software has been tried and tested on a wide range of projects including commercial, residential and industrial buildings, bridges, airports, water treatment plants and power installations and scaffolding all over the world!


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ADIC Headquarters Abu Dhabi CADS Client/Contractor: Al Futtaim...

ADIC Headquarters Abu Dhabi

  • CADS Client/Contractor: Al Futtaim Carillion
  • Developer: Abu Dhabi Investment Council
  • Structural Engineer: AEDAS Dubai, ¬†AEDAS Hong Kong
  • No. Of Drawings: 603 A1 Size drawings
  • Tonnage Detailed: Approximately 11,000 Tonnes

The Abu Dhabi Investment Council is the organisation tasked with managing the investments of the Abu Dhabi Government to achieve continuous financial success and wealth protection, whilst sustaining prosperity for the future.

The ADIC headquarters building resembles this ambitious mission by towering to over 140 meters and serving as an iconic landmark. With an innovative honeycomb architecture and other novel design techniques the buildings also stand as a symbol of new standards of quality in the construction industry. The 30 storey tower will serve as the functional control centre for Abu Dhabi Investment Council and the 25 storey tower for the recently formed Al Hilal Bank.

Al Futtaim Carillion, the main contractors on the project, have delivered on the concept of superior quality throughout their construction process and have delivered a true masterpiece. With the collaboration of CADS, the RC shop drawings (603 A1 drawings) and the bar bending schedules for approx. 11,000 tonnes of reinforcing steel have been completed in a very short time, without compromising accuracy and presentation.

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