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CADS RC : CADS RC for Civils & Structures


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Consultants appreciate the accurate and error free bar bending drawings and schedules produced for any kind of construction project. Rapid drawing creation within an AutoCAD environment is achieved through customisable and intuitive controls, whilst powerful editing and revision features ensure flexibility and minimising of project time. This is the consultant's choice for bar bending schedule software


Configure Settings Dialogue

Custom Reports

CADS strive to accommodate users’ requirements and detailing styles, which means that the software is easily configured to suit your company and individual detailing needs. For instance, using the built-in report designer you can customise your printed Bar Bending Schedules to include such things as company logos.

You can use standard AutoCAD block technology to build up your own libraries of commonly used CADS RC details. These can be simply inserted into new drawings when required. CADS RC's full integration with AutoCAD’s Multiple Document Interface (MDI) means you can simply copy and paste RebarCAD details between drawings.

Key Feature: CADS Viewport Manager (VPM)
This product greatly simplifies the creation and editing of AutoCAD Layouts and Viewports so you can achieve your required plotted page. Once you have defined your Viewports and their associated scales then CADS-VPM will automatically apply the required scale to CADS RC details as they are created or manipulated. VPM will automatically rescale details when moved between viewports.


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 RC Drawing

Draw Bar Dialogue

Range Type Selection

Drawing bars can be achieved in just a few steps with code compliance checked as the bar is drawn. Use members to group and categorise your bars for easy management.

CADS RC's detailing features include an extensive selection of bar ranges to suit every situation. Whether you are detailing a flat slab, circular tank, bridge deck or abutment, you will find a detailing facility in CADS RC to meet your needs.

CADS RC comes complete with pre-defined shape codes, which based upon feedback from major consulting engineers and contractors, cover the majority of requirements. For shapes that are not included in the standard list there is an unlimited ‘user-definable shape code facility that provides a fast graphical definition within the drawing. New shapes created by you can be added permanently to the library for future use.

A variety of powerful CADS RC Detailing Macros are available for stair flights, pile caps, pad footings and octagonal bases. You can describe your structure by entering values for given parameters into the program. When the data is complete, a detail is drawn, labelled and scheduled in a matter of a few seconds. Such details can also be amended later with CADS RC's extensive reinforcement editing tools.


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Schedule Dialogue 


An impressive aspect of CADS RC is the automatic always current bar scheduling which can be formatted the way you want using simple sorting, combining and segregation options. As each set of bars is detailed, CADS RC adds them to the internal schedule database automatically. 
CADS RC supports linear/non-linear boundary variations and can calculate and schedule all intermediate bars. Whatever the status of the drawing, you can be sure that your bar bending schedule is up-to-date, correct and available to be viewed on-screen at any time.

You can use AutoCAD Layouts to create multiple drawings and schedules from a single, self-contained DWG file. As well as being customised for corporate presentation, schedules can also be sorted and compacted to a minimum number of pages.


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 Issue Drawing sheet


CADS RC enables you to handle revisions with speed and confidence. When drawing if requirements change you can still stay on top, with a revision system that allows you to automatically generate revisions, regardless of their quantity or complexity. Changes are marked and updated automatically, with Revision clouds, tables and track change layers generated automatically. Layouts can be issued and revised individually.

CADS RC provides detailers with a unique facility to edit details quickly and easily, thus optimising the re-use of existing information. All changes to the drawing are immediately reflected in the always current bar bending schedule and all bar labels, sections etc, are also updated automatically.  Specialist commands allow you to quickly locate bars or editing via a variety of criteria.


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CADS RC delivers real integration via AutoCAD - the industry leading platform. CADS RC also links to CADS powerful analysis and modelling tools - A3D MAX and SCIA Engineer; the latter enabling slabs to be easily designed, analysed and detailed. In addition, the results from CADS design programs for beams, columns, bases, slabs etc, can also be imported into CADS RC, for instant detailing and scheduling to configurable preset styles. Such details can later be amended easily, as required.


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"Sit three CAD draftsmen down and ask them to detail something and they'll go about it in three different ways. Same with CADS RC - you find your own way of doing things and it can easily adjust to suit the detailer. That's really good."

Mike Matjaszek - Senior Detailer
Couch Consultant Engineers

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