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Steel connections between members not only need to resist the loads they are subjected to, they also need to fulfil the stiffness assumptions of pinned, rigid or semi-rigid that were used during the initial structural analysis. A sound connection design will lead to performing structures that are also easy to build.




Composite design in SCIA Engineer

In many countries in the world, composite floors are a de facto standard for office buildings thanks to the speed of construction and reduced overall depth. Composite design in SCIA Engineer 15 breaks the limitations of the previous versions with full support for any floor geometry and a detailed calculation note based on the Open Design technology.
Thanks to its built-in support for both the analysis model and the structural model, SCIA Engineer  offers powerful capabilities to link with other software through open standards (deep, certified support of IFC 2x3) or bespoke proprietary links.



Revit Round Trip

In many regions in Europe and the United States, the assessment of seismic risk and the implications on structural design become increasingly stringent. This is translated in the Eurocode 8, ASCE 7 and in other national regulations so that more engineers are confronted to seismic analysis than ever before.


structurala-orch-3 Seismic


One of the reasons why steel material is popular is because it exhibits an elasto-plastic behaviour that allows extra capacity through plastic redistribution when the yield is reached locally.
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