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Analysis and design of cold formed steel frames with SCIA Engineer

SCIA Engineer specialises in the analysis and design of cold formed steel frames including EN1993-1-3:2006 cold formed steel design checks as well as having the capability to design projects using hot rolled steel, timber and concrete.

With SCIA Engineer you can design an entire portal building including purlins, door frames and a raft foundation in a single 3D model. 

Design Checks

Due to the special nature of cold form steel and its fields of application, SCIA Engineer takes into account special considerations such as:

  • Detailed analysis of the effective shape, including distortional buckli ng for edge stiffeners, double edge folds and internal stiffeners
  • Advanced checks available such as torsion, web crippling and shear in the case of sections with stiffened webs
  • Special purlin design checks including free flange geometry advanced loading determination
  • The design of arbitrary cold formed sections, including the average yield
    strength and steel core thickness

cold formed 3



A key feature of SCIA Engineer is the ability to input a cold form cross section in several ways:


  • Using a built-in library
  • Using a thin walled parametric - input the sizes to a generic shape editor
  • Using a CAD import (dxf) to generate a section that is totally non-standard



Cross section


SCIA Engineer and BIM


BIM processes are becoming more popular so the traditional design process is evolving rapidly. Consequently, SCIA Engineer with its capability to design multi-material models within one project file and with links to modelling solutions such as Revit and Tekla Structures, is the ideal solution for any BIM process. 


To find out more about SCIA Engineer's cold formed steel capabilities you can view the factsheet here or watch a video demonstration 


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