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NEW A3D MAX Updates

 11th Sep 2014

The CADS Analysis and Design CD 2014 brings a range of enhancements and fixes to the CADS software suite, including updates to CADS Analyse3D MAX.

Analyse3D MAX

  1. In the print layout a new option “Maximum effects for member types” has been included under “Analysis Results”.
  2. The axis triad showing the global X, Y and Z axis is included in the diagram output when visible in the main view.
  3. An option to display the results dialog after analysis is now available from A3DMAX.
  4. The speed of DXF import for large jobs has been substantially improved.
  5. In the Eurocode version, calculation of effective area and section modulus for slender circular hollow sections (CHS) is now based on the NCCI guidance ‘Design recommendations for hot-finished elliptical hollow sections’.
  6. The straightness tolerance for joined member creation with design/check has been relaxed.
  7. Eurocode concrete grades have been added to the materials editor.
  8. RC design results from CADS RC Design software products are now updated in A3D MAX when a Details file is edited.

More information is available here.

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