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Revit links to SCIA Engineer

The tool plays a key role with projects adopting the BIM process, benefiting the user by minimising errors and improving collaboration between engineers, architects and fabricators.
In utilising SCIA Engineer as the design partner to Revit, a single structural model can contain complex geometry and a range of materials such as a concrete, steel, composite beams and timber.
How does the link work?
  • CADS Revit Link appears as an add-on menu in Revit giving options such as export from Revit or import form SCIA Engineer to exchange all or part of the model and whether or not to exchange loads and combinations.
Revit Link 1 Revit Link 2
  • Modelling in Revit uses families (objects). Revit Link relates these families to SCIA Engineer objects (mapping)
  • Mapping defines the relationship for cross sections and materials in Revit and SCIA Engineer (see below)
Revit Link 3
Examples of the CADS Revit Link (Revit model top, SCIA Engineer model bottom)
Revit Model 1 Revit Model 2


SCIA Model 1 SCIA Model 2


Bi-directional management of changes

Any changes can be managed in Revit or SCIA Engineer. The user sees the highlighted changes and can then choose if these are to be imported to the existing model.

Changes highlighted in Revit

Changes highlighted in Revit


Changes highlighted in SCIA Engineer


Changes highlighted in SCIA 1 Changes highlighted in SCIA 2
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